VHF Active Crystal Receiver Multicoupler

VHF Active Crystal Receiver Multicoupler



Type Active Crystal Receiver Multicoupler

Frequency range 150 – 174 MHz

Datasheet TK063



ACRC Series 

ACRC15-4-12.5             ACRC15-4-25  
ACRC15-8-12.5    ACRC15-8-25   


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: VHF Active Crystal Receiver Multicoupler


Product features

  • Channel Selective operation
  • For 12.5 and 25KHz channel BW
  • Software adjustable channel filter center frequency
  • User manual gain adjustment
  • Dual Power Supply for redundancy
  • High adjacent channel rejection
  • Compact size, 19in rack mounting
  • Very low IM generation
  • Standard models for 4 and 8 channels, other number of channels available upon request


  • For VHF multicarrier systems
  • Compatible with narrowband FM, P25 (Ph1 & 2), TETRA, DMR, IDAS, Nexedge, among others


Made in USA

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