Transmitter Bypass

Transmitter Bypass



Type Transmitter Bypass

Frequency range 118 – 512 MHz

Datasheet TW051



TXBP Series:

TXBPA1              TXBP11  
TXBP12   TXBP41  
TXBP42   TXBP43  
TXBP71   TXBP82  


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: Transmitter Bypass


Product features



  • Mobile, base station, portable and any other radio equipment with single Tx/Rx antenna port
  • TETRA, P25, DMR, NXDN, Conventional and others
  • Air-to-Ground and Ground Communications Systems
  • Mobile applications including Vehicles
  • Highly congested RF environments
  • Available for Aeronautical, VHF and UHF bands


* Fiplex Programmable Active Crystal Filter Series are U.S. Patent Protected.



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