Public Safety Control Station Combiners

Public Safety Control Station Combiners


Type Simplex – Duplex Combiners with Rx LNA

Frequency range 746 – 869 MHz

Datasheet TK015



THWS80 Series:

THWS80-4B0-1 THWS80-6B0-1
THWS80-8B0-1 THWS80-16B0-1


DOWNLOAD DATASHEET: Public Safety Control Station Combiner

Product features

  • For Public Safety
  • Broadband device intended to combine several single antenna port radios into a single Tx and single Rx antennas
  • Reduces infrastructure size
  • Simplifies cabling installations
  • Provides radio to radio isolation
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Low noise Rx preamplifier is provided to increase site coverage and improve radio sensitivity


Made in USA

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